Information for Principal Investigators


- Latest News -

Due to a shift in the FRC funding cycle, there will be no 2016 Call for Proposals. The next RFP is anticipated in the late summer or fall of 2016. Please contact Geoff Siemering with any proposal-related questions.

- Your Fertilizer Tonnage Fee Working for You -

The ability to support research is made possible by a fund generated on the sale of fertilizer in the state. For each ton of fertilizer sold and reported, 17 cents is collected for this fund. Other parts of the tonnage fee go to help support the UW Nutrient and Pest Management program, as well as ag chemical clean-up and other purposes. The program consists of a 7-seat council which is responsible for recommending projects to be financed by fertilizer research funds. The council members meet annually to select projects to recommend for funding. Recommendations are made by a majority vote of the council.

- FRC Mission Statement -

"FRC funds research and other designated activities to provide a scientific basis for and promote the philosophy that the Fertilizer Industry supports economically and environmentally sound recommendations, practices and technologies on fertilizer material usage by the end user."

- Program Objectives -
  1. To gain knowledge on fertilizer efficiency, plant nutrition, and groundwater and surface water protection that can improve agricultural profitability and protect resources.
  2. To provide information for Wisconsin farmers that can be used for making wise decisions regarding fertilizer use in Wisconsin.