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Download the free Chime plug-in from MDL and install before viewing the molecules and minerals in the Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules collection. (They may require registration of name and e-mail address, but are not pesky about unsolicited mailings.)

About Chime:

Chime is a free plug-in made available by MDL that renders common chemical model formats such as *.mol, *.pdb, and *.xyz into web-based 3-D images. The current versions require the following OS/browser combinations:

Operating System Chime Version Browser:
Netscape MS IE
  XP, 2000, NT4 Chime 2.6 SP6 v. 4.8* v. 6.x
98, 95 Chime 2.6 SP3 v. 4.8* v. 4, 5
  OS8.6, 9.0 Chime 2.6 SP3 v. 4.8*  
OSX.x --not supported    
SGI IRIX   Chime 0.9z    
Linux   --not supported    

*Netscape v. 4.8 is available from Netscape archives. Kluges for Chime installation for Netscape 6 and 7 have been reported but are not supported by the Chime installer for any operating system.

Failure to choose the correct Chime and browser versions for a given operating system may lead to erratic results.

Paradoxically, Chime continues to work well w/o the latest browser or operating system--it works as well on Win98 w/ Netscape 4.8 as XP w/ MSIE6!

Editorial Note: Over the years, the availability of Chime plug-ins has been adversely affected by the platform wars and the browser wars, to the extent that MDL is now continuing releases only for a single platform (Windows) and a single browser (IE). Although users of free plug-ins can't be too choosy, it is a sad day when--in this modern age of cross-platform compatibility for many programs--legitimate audiences for educational and scientific materials are shut out.

Manipulating Chime models:

From MDLI's Chime Frequently Asked Questions:

"The Chime plug-in is live on the HTML page and can be manipulated: 

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