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SoilScience/Horticulture/Agronomy 326
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phillip Barak -- Instructor

In keeping with the UW-Madison's promotion and support of Learn@UW as its course management system, beginning with spring 2007 semester, the primary website for this course will be hosted at Learn@UW instead of As a consequence, the course contents will no longer be available on the open internet without password protection as in the past but will require a UW NetID and password for access.

This course homepage will be maintained on the open internet as a 'stub' and as an informational tool for those not yet registered for the course. The popular webpages Essential Elements for Plant Growth will remain available to the public in their usual locations.

Best wishes,
Phillip Barak

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Essential Elements for Plant Growth, which includes ditigal images of nutrient deficiencies, is currently accessible for examination and will be a work in progress for the next several years.

Interested parties may note that a graduate-level course, "Mineral Nutrition of Plants," offered during the Fall semesters of even years by Phillip Barak and Edgar Spalding (Dept of Botany), is scheduled to be offered again in Fall '08. Graduate students, mark your calendars!

The course instructor, Phillip Barak, presented "A Soil Fertility Course Website--A Prototype, One Year Later" at the annual American Society of Agronomy/Soil Science Society of America (ASA/SSSA) meetings in Indianapolis (Nov 3-8, 1996), a presentation summarizing the experiences and results of this teaching experiment, with an summary appearing in the 1996 Agronomy Abstracts.

At EduCause ‘99, Barak presented "Using Multimedia Educational Tools to Expand Science Education" and received an EDUCAUSE/ASA Medal Award on 26 Oct 1999 for "...demonstrating that information technologies can successfully address pedagogical problems, offer clear advantages over other technologies, and impove student learning in undergraduate education."


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What the students say--1996 Exit Survey, first "webified" year, and the results on our seventh year, 2003!!
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