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Researching, Teaching, and Reaching Out across Wisconsin

Recent Articles from our Extension Soil Scientists

2019 Soil, Water, and Nutrient Managment Meetings

Plan to attend the Soil, Water, & Nutrient Managment Meetings held from December 3 through 12 at various locations around the state. A few highlights include: co…

Source: NPK et cetera | 25 Oct 2019

Cover crop considerations for prevented planting

A new bulletin from the Midwest Cover Crop Council provides recommendations for summer planting of cover crops. Before doing anything – first consult with your insu…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 12 Jun 2019

Manganese deficiency in winter wheat is showing up in Eastern Wisconsin

Mn deficient winter wheat field. Photo credits: Troy ChristensonThe extended cool and wet spring appears to be causing manganese (Mn) deficiency in winter wheat in some f…

Source: NPK et cetera | 8 Jun 2019

UW Research on Industrial Hemp to be Highlighted at Agronomy/Soils Field Day on August 28th

 The UW Departments of Agronomy and Soil Science invite you to the Arlington Agricultural Research Station on August 28thto learn the latest in agronomic research be…

Source: NPK et cetera | 4 Jun 2019

Benchmarking nitrogen use efficiency in Wisconsin

In 2017, UW Discovery Farms finished its third year of NUE assessments. A fourth year is planned for 2018. This handout summarizes what we’ve learned so far and beg…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 9 May 2018

Cover crop field guide – the app

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Midwest Cover Crops Council (MCCC) has reformatted its popular field guide to create the Midwest Cover Crops Field Scout mobile…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 26 Apr 2018

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