Rick Wayne


Rick Wayne – Sr. Systems Programmer

UW-Madison, Department of Soil Science
1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1299, USA
Office: 66 Soil Science

Phone: 608.265.3288
Fax: 608.265.2595

Email: fewayne@wisc.edu
Web Site: http://alfi.soils.wisc.edu/asig/ASIG.software/

Program Affiliations

  • Department of Soil Science


  • BA, double major in biology and journalism, Indiana University May 1981. Coursework in biology (through ecology and biochemistry), chemistry (through organic chemistry with labs), photojournalism plus writing/editing sequence, and computer science

Teaching and Research Overview

Agricultural Systems and Informatics Group – http://alfi.soils.wisc.edu/asig/ASIG.software/

Selected Publications

XML and Pig Poop: Agribusiness Online, Software Development magazine, February 2000.

“The Perfect Job” in Tales Of Terror, Software Development magazine, October 2000.

“Attack of the Valkyrie” in Pick a Language, Any Language, Software Development magazine, March 2001.

Is Open Source for You?, Software Development magazine, May 2001.

The Apache XML Project, Software Development magazine, June 2001.

Location, Location, Location, Software Development magazine, March 2002.

Peer (to Peer) Pressure, Software Development magazine, April 2002.