Laura Ward Good


Laura Ward Good – Associate Scientist

Nutrient management planning, conservation planning, runoff phosphorus, Phosphorus Index.

UW-Madison, Department of Soil Science
1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1299, USA
Office: 139A King Hall

Phone: 608.262.9894
Fax: 608.265.2595

Web sites: SnapPlus, Wisconsin P Index, Manure Management Advisory System

Program Affiliations

  • Department of Soil Science


  • B.A., Environmental Studies and B.A., Anthropology, 1980, Brown University
  • M.S., Soil Science, 1988, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D., Soil Science, 2002, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Overview

Lead developer of Wisconsin Phosphorus Index model used for determining risk of runoff phosphorus delivery to surface water from cropland and pastures. Use of this model is part of state nutrient and runoff management guidelines for agricultural land.

Lead development of SnapPlus planning software for nutrient management incorporating erosion calculation (RUSLE2) as well as runoff P loss assessment (P Index). This project is a collaboration of University of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Extension, WI Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, WI DNR, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service- WI. Launched in 2005, use has grown until the majority of nutrient management planning in Wisconsin uses this software.

Quantifying field runoff P loss reduction potential for existing and alternative management practices in monitored agricultural watersheds to identify effects of aggregated field level changes on watershed loads. Advising watershed groups and projects on ways to assess and reduce phosphorus from agricultural land.

Selected Publications

Good, L.W., P.A. Vadas, J.C. Panuska, C.A. Bonilla, W.E. Jokela. 2012. Testing the Wisconsin P Index with year-round, field-scale runoff monitoring. Journal of Environmental Quality. 2012. 41:1730-1740.

Panuska, J., L.W. Good, P. Vadas, D.L. Busch, A. Ozkaynak. 2011. Sediment and Particulate Phosphorus Characteristics in Grassed Waterways from Row Crop Corn and Alfalfa Fields Collected Using Manual University of Exeter and Automatic Sampling. Hydrological Processes 25:2329-2338.

Vadas, P. A., L.W. Good, P.A. Moore Jr., and N. Widman. 2009. Estimating phosphorus loss in runoff from manure and phosphorus for a phosphorus loss quantification tool. Journal of Environmental Quality 38:1645-1653.

Panuska, J. R., L. W. Good, and R. Wolkowski. 2007. Converting CRP land to corn: Minimizing phosphorus loss. University of Wisconsin Extension Pub. A3831.

Cooperband, L. R. and L. W. Good. 2002. Biogenic Phosphate Minerals in Manure: Implications for Phosphorus Loss to Surface Waters. Environmental Science and Technology 36: 5075-5082.