National Competition Selects Three Winners to Advance Water Entrepreneurship, Resiliency and Sustainability

barak_labNRU, Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling, LLC,, was one of three winners in the Empowering Opportunities in Water competition conducted by The Water Council (a nonprofit based in Milwaukee), the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and Veolia (a global company specializing in resource management, including water). NRU is a spin-off company from the Barak Lab in the Department of Soil Science at the UW-Madison, with the goal of commercializing the intellectual property developed in that lab. The three principals of NRU are Professor Phillip Barak, Mauricio Avila (MS, Soil Sci., 1999; PhD, Soil Sci., 2004) and Menachem Tabanpour (President of NRU). This award recognizes a patented technology to recover phosphate in the form of brushite from wastewater treatment plants.  For more information on NRU, check out their promotional video.  (