Soil Science 728 Graduate Seminar Schedule

Seminars held in Room 357 Soils Bldg, unless otherwise noted. Mixer in the Jackson-Tanner Commons after the seminar (from 4:30 to 5:30 pm).

Wednesday, Sept. 5  “Welcome:  Overview of syllabus & assessment” Nick Balster & Doug Soldat (Seminar Coordinators, UW Soil Science).

Wednesday, Sept. 12:   “Extracellular electron transfer (EET) in the critical zone:  Biological redox transformation of insoluble Fe-bearing minerals in soil and sedimentary environments” Eric Roden,(Professor, UW Geology & Geophysics)

Wednesday, Sept. 19:  “Can we manage cropping systems to accumulate carbon in soils of the upper Midwest?” Randy Jackson (Professor, UW Agronomy)

Wednesday, Sept. 26:   Presentation by Phil Townsend (Professor, UW Forest &  Wildlife Ecology)

Wednesday, Oct. 3:   Presentation by Anna Teeter (MS with Carrie Laboski)

Wednesday, Oct. 10:   Presentation by Anita Thompson (Professor, UW Biological Systems Engineering)

Wednesday, Oct. 17:  Presentation by Jingyi Huang (Assistant Professor, UW Soil Science)

Wednesday, Oct. 24:   Presentation by Megan Wallendal (Wallendal Farms, Grand Marsh, WI).

Wednesday, Oct. 31:  Presentation by Nate Chaney (Assistant Professor, Duke University)

Wednesday, Nov. 7:   Presentation by Jaimie West (PhD with Thea Whitman)

Wednesday, Nov. 14:  James G. Bockheim Lectureship — Seminar presentation by Sylvie Quideau (Univ. of Alberta)

Wednesday, Nov. 21:  Presentation by Nayela Zeba (PhD with Thea Whitman)).

Wednesday, Nov. 28:  Presentation by  Steve Loheide (Associate Professor, UW Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Wednesday, Dec. 5:  Presentation by Ekrem Ozlu (PhD with Francisco Arriaga)

Wednesday, Dec. 12: “Seminar wrap-up” Doug Soldat & Nick Balster Last seminar of the semester.

Select seminar videos

If I were 25 years old. Emeritus Professor of Soil Science John Norman reflects over some lessons learned during his academic career, emphasizing advice he would like to give those on the verge of entering the field.


The life and times of a wandering pedologist. Emeritus Professor of Soil Science, Jim Bockheim, on April 8, 2015.