Soil Science 728 Graduate Seminar Schedule

Seminars held in Room 357 Soils Bldg, unless otherwise noted. Mixer in Room 258 Soils Bldg @ 3:12 pm.

Wednesday, Sept. 7  “Welcome:  Overview of syllabus & assessment” (Nick Balster & Doug Soldat (Seminar Coordinators, Soil Science, UW-Madison).

Wednesday, Sept. 14:   “Coding without tears” by Rick Wayne (soil Science, UW-Madison).

Wednesday, Sept. 21:   “Rehabilitation of abandoned lead and zinc mines in the tri-state mining district of central USA” by Mary Beth Kirkham (Professor, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan).

Wednesday, Sept. 28:   “Subs & Soils” in Allen Centennial Garden.

Wednesday, Oct. 5:   “Nitrogen use efficiencies for growing, feeding and recycling manure from the major diet components fed to dairy cows” by J. Mark Powell (Research Soil Scientist, USDA Dairy Forage Research Ctr., Madison).

Wednesday, Oct. 12:   “A look into stream and lake biodiversity” by Laura Adams (RA with Francisco Arriaga Soil Science, UW-Madison).

Wednesday, Oct. 19:   “Services offered by Steenbock Library” by Karen Dunn (Information Services Librarian, Steenbock Library, UW-Madison.

Wednesday, Oct. 25:   “Pore scale studies of unsaturated soil behavior” by William Likos (Professor and Director, Geological Engineering Program, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison).

Wednesday, Nov. 2:  “Practice session for ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meetings, Phoenix, Arizona).

Wednesday, Nov. 9:  No seminar

Wednesday, Nov. 16:  “Soil science careers — From lab to field and everywhere in between” by Jamie Patton (Ag Agent, UW-Extension, Shawano County).

Wednesday, Nov. 23:  No seminar.

Wednesday, Nov. 30: “Seminar review (Seminar coordinators, Soil Science, UW-Madison)

Wednesday, Dec. 7:  “Title pending” by Luis Reyes Rojas (RA with Steve Ventura, Soil Science, UW-Madison

Wednesday, Dec. 14:  “Title pending” by Clay Vanderleest (RA with Francisco Arriaga, Soil Science, UW-Madison) — Last seminar of the semester.

Select seminar videos

If I were 25 years old. Emeritus Professor of Soil Science John Norman reflects over some lessons learned during his academic career, emphasizing advice he would like to give those on the verge of entering the field.


The life and times of a wandering pedologist. Emeritus Professor of Soil Science, Jim Bockheim, on April 8, 2015.