Penman-Monteith Equations

Subroutine Penmon (cuet.f)

"Numerous simple models for estimating daily evapotranspiration are available and in use. The major difference between the various models derives from the input data they require.... Four models are compared with daily integrated values from Cupid:

    (1) Blaine-Criddle (based on mean air temperature only)
    (2) Priestly-Taylor (based on net radiation and temperature)
    (3) Jensen-Haise (based on air temperature and daily
    		      integrated solar radiation)
    (4) modified Penman (based on net radiation, mean air
    			 temperature, and vapor pressure, 
    			 and daily wind run)
See Doorenbos and Pruitt (1977) for equations." (Norman & Campbell 1983, p 185)

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