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'Soil Chemical Analysis' back in print!

July 2007: Second printing in hand! Order now!!

July 2005: The Department of Soil Science is pleased to announce the publication of the revised second edition of Marion L. Jackson's classic "Soil Chemical Analysis--An Advanced Course" as a memorial to his long and influential career. This version has been rekeyed based on the author's final (1985) version, with a new introduction by Assoc. Prof. Phillip Barak and commemorative material, including a comprehensive list of Dr. Jackson's students and publications. This softcover edition is approximately 600 pages in length and is available immediately. Order your copy now! Payment is accepted by personal or institutional check in US currency. (Unfortunately, we are unable to process credit cards, but will accept POs from qualified institutions.) Queries may be addressed to; fax: 608-265-2595.

We wish to express our thanks to Chrystie and ML Jackson for assigning copyright to the UW for the benefit of the Dept of Soil Science, and to Parallel Press, the publishing arm of the UW-Madison libraries.

Bibliographic information:
Soil Chemical Analysis: Advanced Course. Marion Leroy Jackson. 2005. Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, Madison, WI. A revised 2nd edition (based on 11th printing, 1985) with a new introduction prepared by Phillip Barak, including biographical material, memorial tributes, and lists of career publications and students.
ISBN 1-893311-47-3
Sample pages

Reviewed: "For all its homegrown qualities and its unpretentious appearance, the original was a milestone in the history of science, a classical work detailing the origins of many of the analytical methods commonly used today. ...Dr. Barak has carefully and painstakingly produced an edition that is as faithful to the original as possible while still taking full advantage of the benefits of modern typesetting, printing, and binding....This edition will be useful for scholars of the history and development of science, as well as for scientists with a love of historical tradition.... his book still remains a valuable reference work for both modern and historical contexts and should find a place on bookshelves of students, researchers, and libraries, not to mention laboratory benches.
--Edward A. Nater; Head, Dept of Soil, Water and Climate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. from Soil Science 171:432. May 2006.

Steve Ventura, Ann Curtis, and Phillip Barak with ML Jackson book

(l-to-r) Prof. Steve Ventura, Dept Chair; Ann Curtis; and Assoc. Prof. Phillip Barak, with newly-arrived copies of 'Soil Chemical Analysis'

First posted: 20 Jul 2005; modified: 16 Aug 2006, 30 Jul 2007.



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