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Researching, Teaching, and Reaching Out across Wisconsin

Recent Articles from our Extension Soil Scientists

Are fall applications of N to winter wheat beneficial?

The short answer is maybe. Research in 2014 through 2016 demonstrated that N application at green-up generally resulted in the greatest economic return compared to applic…

Source: NPK et cetera | 12 Sep 2017

It’s rained again…. What should I do about nitrogen?

With continued precipitation and water lying on fields in many areas, growers are becoming concerned about nitrogen loss. This article will explain how to determine if N…

Source: NPK et cetera | 26 Jun 2017

Award winning soil health research in Wisconsin

Recent research has identified how crop rotation in Wisconsin can influence labile pools of C and N. In-short, on Mollisols of southern Wisconsin, big changes in manageme…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 23 Jun 2017

How can we get more clover cover crops planted in our fields?

Reprinted from AgWaterExchange (http://agwaterexchange.com/2017/06/12/can-get-clover-cover-crops-planted-fields/) Legume cover crops, such as red, berseem, and crimson cl…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 13 Jun 2017

Tips for Nitrogen Management in Winter Wheat

1. In general, apply N early. At 50% of research sites in 2014 to 2016, N application at green-up out yielded application at Zadoks growth stage 30 (GS30, hollow stem &nd…

Source: NPK et cetera | 25 Mar 2017

Farmer-tested, environment approved: Develop a winning cropping strategy

Interested in hearing more about efficient cropping system management? Then head over to the Wisconsin Dells for the 4th Annual UW Discovery Farms Winter Conference. To r…

Source: Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Lab | 25 Nov 2015

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