Agronomy/Soils Field Day


The 2017 Agronomy/Soils Field Day “Cultivating a Resilient Agriculture” will be held on Wednesday, August 30, with registration @ 8 am. UW Risk Management requires all attendees to sign a waiver before they can ride the tour wagons.  Please come early to help facilitate this process.  Tours depart from the Public Events Facility of the Arlington Agricultural Research Station at 8:30 and 10:30 am and 1:45 pm.  Lunch will be provided by the UW-Madison Badger Crops Club (the suggested donation is $5/person).  Lunch/Panel Discussion “What Do We Mean by ‘Resilient’ Agriculture” will be from 12 to 1:45 pm in the Auditorium (1.0 CM). Sponsored by the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences/Arlington Agricultural Research Station/Departments of Agronomy and Soil Science, and UW Cooperative Extension. 5 CEUs will be available. Tours are as follows;

Tour A:  Building Soil Health  {8:30 & 10:30 am}   1.0 SW

  • Soils of Wisconsin (Alfred Hartemink)
  • Importance of perennialization & diversification (Gregg Sanford & Randy Jackson)
  • Do cover crops improve soil health? (Matt Ruark)
  • Trade-offs with soil management decisions (Francisco Arriaga)

Tour B:  Managing Short- & Long-term Risk in Cropping Systems  {8:30 & 10:30 am}   0.5 CM/0.5 PM

  • How many corn hybrids should I grow on my farm?  Minimizing risk & maximizing options (Joe Lauer)
  • Harnessing G x E x M interactions in soybean (Shawn Conley)
  • Weed management over 27 years in the  Wis. Integrated Cropping Systems Trial (Nathan Drewitz & Dave Stoltenberg)
  • Identification, distribution & herbicide resistance of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth (Sam Marquardt & Mark Renz)

Tour C:  Perennial Forages to Accomplish Diverse Goals {10:30 am & 1:45 pm}  1.0 CM

  • Alfalfa:  What have we learned & where are we headed? (Dan Understander)
  • When & where do fungicides pay in forage crops (Damon Smith)
  • Intermediate wheatgrass for forage & grain (Valentin Picasso)
  • Silvopasture: Benefits & challenges of trees in grazing systems (Keefe Keeley, Diane Mayerfeld & Steve Ventura)

Tour D:  Designing Landscapes for Profit, Clean Water, Stable Climate & Biodiversity {10:30 am & 1:45 pm}   1.0 SW  {Will be held in the Auditorium}

  • Yahara 2070: Using scenarios to understand impacts of future watershed land use (Chris Kucharik)
  • SmartScape™: Developing a decision support tool for farmscape management (Claudio Gratton)
  • Biodiversity in the soil:  Exploring how soil microbes influence crops (Thea Whitman)

For more information contact the Dept. of Soil Science at 608-262-0485 or the Dept. of Agronomy at 608-262-1390.