Research Specialist Wanted

The Depajob_iconrtment of Soil Science is hiring a research specialist to be housed at the US Dairy Forage Research Center on the UW-Madison campus. The position will contribute to research on improving environmental ipacts of dairy farms through investigations on how to reduce the impact of manure nutrients on water and air quality including greenhouse gas emissions. A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in dairy science, soil science, biological systems engineering, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.  Applications are due May 15, 2014.  Read the UW Position Vacancy Listing for more information.

Join us for our 125th Anniversary!


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Please join us on Friday, May 23, 2014 for a full day and evening of recognition of our department’s remarkable legacy. The day’s program will include reflections on our history, research updates from leading faculty members and graduate students, and four special talks from folks who we count among our most important product–graduates–and who are now distinguished scholars of soil science. These four are Mary Beth Kirkham (Kansas State University), Mike Vepraskas (North Carolina State University), Paul Gessler (University of Idaho), and Tom Sauer (USDA-ARS and Iowa State University).

We look forward to welcoming you on May 23. Check out our 125th Anniversary page for more information.

Registration is now open! To register online, please click here.

For more on the rich history of the Department of Soil Science, click here.

Emeritus Professor James R. Love Remembered

Professor Emeritus J. R. “Jim” Love passed away in Madison on February 25, 2014, at the age of 93. Jim was the face of soil science to countless undergraduates from numerous majors in his many years as the sole instructor of introductory soil science. In a sure manner, he conveyed the importance and beauty of soil, while never cutting corners on the difficulty of the subject. Jim received both his MS and PhD in Soil Science at UW-Madison before joining the faculty of the department in 1951. In 1960, he established the turf grass management specialization in the college, a tremendous legacy that continues to this day. Jim was a loyal alum of our community, rarely missing a social event at the department, including this past holiday season. We will miss his warmth, calm demeanor, and unwavering curiosity about the good things happening in the department.

Memorial contributions to the James R. Love Scholarship may be made out to “UW Foundation – JR Love Scholarship” and mailed to the Department of Soil Science, 1525 Observatory Dr., Madison, WI 53706. Obituary

Soil Science professor’s teaching is honored (we think)

news_mcsweeneySoil Science professor Kevin McSweeney teaches Soil Science 230: “Soil: Ecosystem and Resource”. The UW’s Daily Cardinal reports: “This is sort of like a science course for non-science folks. If you took chemistry in high school, you’ll be fine. The class is broken up into three parts—the layers of soil, the differences between soil across regions and the more chemical aspects of soil. The instructor, Kevin McSweeney, is an amiable old British gent who adores what he talks about. The tests are all lecture based, so as long as you’re in class you’re fine. The lecture hall is fun—primo view of Observatory, with soil diagrams all along the walls…” Read about more courses that will change your views at the Daily Cardinal